What Sets Us Apart

Helping Little Smiles Grow Up Healthy and Strong!

Dr. Bee Pediatric Dentistry offers painless, worry-free dental care for infants, children, teens, and youth with special needs. Our goal is to establish oral health and deliver positive dental experiences, so each child grows up with a healthy, wonderful smile!

We have served Wesley Chapel, Land o Lakes, and Tampa since 2009, partnering with parents and delivering exceptional care, tailored to each child’s and every family’s needs.

For Dr. Bezerra, Dr. Fontoura, Dr. Sanchez-Diu, Dr. Loffredi, and our team, earning a child’s trust and being rewarded with their smiles is the highlight of our profession!

Why Choose Dr. Bee Pediatric Dentistry for Your Family?

  • We make dental visits fun! From our child-friendly décor to our ability to engage with every patient in a compassionate and non-threatening manner, we help children feel at ease in a new environment. Our office has a lot of child-friendly distractions, including iPads and ceiling-mounted TVs, to help young patients relax and feel comfortable.
  • We expect kids to be kids! Children are not young adults and we don’t ask them to be. Instead, we adapt to where the child is in their physical, emotional, and mental development, learning how to connect with them and enjoying their individuality.
  • We involve parents in all aspects of care! Unlike some pediatric practices, we invite parents into the treatment area and encourage them to be part of their child’s dental experience. Each procedure is reviewed with the family, so everyone knows what will be done and why. We welcome questions and are happy to address concerns. Additionally, we accept Medicaid and ensure all patients receive the same high-quality care, regardless of their coverage.
  • We focus on prevention and education! It is important to stop small issues from becoming big problems and, whenever possible, to stop issues from starting. By teaching children why they need to take care of their teeth and gums, and offering positive encouragement, we establish good dental health and habits. We also work with parents, supporting and educating them as they guide their little one through childhood.
  • We offer in-office sedation! Dr. Lofreddi, a board-certified anesthesiologist, provides safe IV sedation for little ones who have trouble holding still or with heightened anxiety.
  • We use a dental laser! Safe and painless, laser dentistry often eliminates the need for a numbing injection, which can be a scary experience for a child.

Schedule a Consultation

No-pressure initial visits are offered at our Wesley Chapel, Land o Lakes and Clearwater, FL offices. Please contact us and schedule yours, today.

Everyone at Dr. Bee Pediatric Dentistry looks forward to welcoming you and your children to our dental family: we’re excited to meet you!

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